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PubMed @ UMSL

Step-by-step guide to PubMed's basic and advanced features, with downloadable handouts.

Saving to the Clipboard

PubMed allows you to save citations temporarily using the Clipboard. Items in the Clipboard expire after 8 hours of inactivity.

To save a citation, select it by checking the small box to the left of the article and select Clipboard from the Send to menu (see the first image below). If you wish to save all of your results (500 maximum), do not make any selections first. Once items have been added to the Clipboard, you'll see an alert, as shown in the second image below.

Options for the Send to button: Clipboard, My Bibliography, Collections, and Citation manager     Alert visible when items are added to Clipboard   

Retrieve your saved results by clicking on the Clipboard link that appears under the search bar.

Link to go to the Clipboard


Buttons to Save, Email, and Send to

You also have the option to email results to yourself by clicking the Email button shown above. You may email up to 200 citations to a single address (see first bullet below).


  • If you leave all entries unselected, the subject of the email will automatically include your search terms and filters (see the first image below). However, the system will only email the results on a given page, so if you have your Display options set to 10 per page, you'll receive 10 citations. If you want to email more, either select them first or change your Display settings.
  • If you want to bypass the picture-based CAPTCHA test (to verify you're a human and not a robot), create and log in to a My NCBI account.

Options when emailing all results     Options when emailing selected results