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Open Educational Resources

Missouri A&OER Symposium


The theme of this year’s Symposium will be centered around the idea of CARE, an acronym for Collaborating and Adapting/Adopting Resources for Equity. We would like to explore how the A&OER community cares for others by advocating for accessibility and equity of materials. With many conference themes centered around Covid-19 and its impact on students and faculty, we thought we would take this concept one step further and explore how the use of A&OER can address the issues of unequal access to educational materials on college campuses that have become so apparent during the pandemic. This theme is inspired by the importance of using Affordable and Open Educational Resources as a means to champion social equity by ensuring accessibility of materials to all students.

March 3-5, 2021


Open Educational Resources Workshop -- Register Here!

Visit for more information about the workshops.

Now more than ever UMSL students need help with managing their school costs, which has prompted institutions of higher education to adopt programs that keep the costs of textbooks low. One such initiative — in place across the University of Missouri System since 2017 — promotes open educational resources, or OER. These openly licensed materials are available at once, free for you and your students.

If you and your department are interested in more information on OER and how to integrate these materials into your teaching, we invite you to attend one of our Open Educational Resources Workshops. These sessions feature a presentation on open educational resources, and the opportunity to speak one-on-one with library specialists to learn more about adopting open content. There are sessions coming up soon! Click the image above or visit to register.


If your department would like to have a quick 20-minute session (or a full one-hour session), please e-mail Helena Marvin at or and we can provide your department an OER introduction!

Open Educational Resources

Open Educational Resources - More than what you think!

Faculty and students may think that “Open Educational Resources” (OERs) equals “free textbooks.” While some OERs are open textbooks, other types and formats of learning tools are OERs as well. Here are a few examples of OERs in different academic areas to spark your interest in how OERs might improve the effectiveness and affordability of instructional materials for students. All these resources (and more!) can be found using UMSL Libraries’ Open Educational Resources Research Guide. See the OER works being used at UMSL here :


Lena Marvin
OER Coordinator

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