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MOBIUS / Interlibrary Loan

MOBIUS facilitates borrowing/lending between libraries in Missouri and surrounding areas. Interlibrary Loan facilitates borrowing/lending between libraries in and outside the U.S.

Temporary Suspension of Services

As part of a transition to a new catalog platform, MOBIUS will temporarily suspend requesting through the MOBIUS catalog and on-site borrowing at other MOBIUS libraries beginning on April 18.

MOBIUS requesting will be re-enabled on May 22 when the new MOBIUS catalog launches. (On-site borrowing at other MOBIUS libraries will resume some time later.)

During this interruption, you can still request items through interlibrary loan.

Borrowing Books through MOBIUS

If you're looking to borrow books that cannot be found in the University of Missouri system, MOBIUS is the first place to check.

MOBIUS is a collaborative partnership of 80+ libraries in Missouri and other midwestern states. It provides access to over 29 million items and uses a courier service to deliver items directly to TJ Library. MOBIUS libraries include the following:

  • University libraries such as Lindenwood, Harris-Stowe, Missouri State, Saint Louis University, and Washington University
  • Special libraries such as Missouri Botanical Garden, Saint Louis Art Museum, and Wilson’s Creek National Battlefield
  • Public libraries such as St. Louis County Library and St. Charles City-County Library

MOBIUS Catalog

  • Search for books in the MOBIUS catalog
  • Request items by logging in with your full name and 8-digit student/employee number. 

How to Request Books through MOBIUS

To search the MOBIUS catalog:

 A  From any Discover@UMSL results page, you can click the MOBIUS logo on the right sidebar to expand your search (based on your existing keywords).

 B  If you want to start fresh in MOBIUS, click the MOBIUS link in the dark gray header bar to begin a new search. If you choose this option, you will be asked to select your campus before it takes you to the MOBIUS catalog.

Search results page showing MOBIUS logo & link

 C  On the MOBIUS results page, you have options for how to sort results, as well as filters to narrow the number of results you see. One of the most helpful filters is Book/Journal, which will eliminate audiobooks. Keep in mind that only non-digital items (such as print books, books on CD, and video on DVD) are available for request.

MOBIUS results page showing sort options & filters

 D  Often, you’ll see multiple entries for the same title, and each one shows a different number of libraries that own the title. Click the title or the number of libraries to see more detail. In general, we recommend you start with the item owned by the most libraries. Of the two books highlighted below, the first one (owned by 6 libraries) is the large print version and the second one (owned by 13 libraries) is the standard version.

MOBIUS books showing number of libraries

 E  Before you request the item, you might want to scroll to the bottom of the record and make sure there are copies available. In this example, many copies are available, so the item will be shipped without delay.

 F  When you click the Request it button, you’ll be asked to identify a pickup location. 

MOBIUS item record: available copies & request

 G  Lastly, you’ll log in with your full name and 8-digit student/employee number. See the Accessing Your Library Accounts page of this guide to check the status of your MOBIUS requests and loans.

Logging in to request a MOBIUS item