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Faculty Services

A guide to resources & services offered to UMSL faculty and staff

Streaming Video

At the moment, UMSL does not  have an a la carte streaming provider.

The Libraries have a limited set of videos available as part of predefined database packages,   If a department wishes to forgo journal subscriptions to pay for streaming video, we will investigate options.  The Anthropology Department did this to acquire the Anthropology Resource Library (formerly Ethnographic Videos.

Students may also be able to access some films through their existing subscriptions to services such as Netflix, Hulu, Amazon Prime, etc. or they may be able to purchase access to a video for a low cost through these services.

Using Zoom

It is technically possible to share video while using Zoom.  We recommend testing beforehand and perhaps preparing some sort of contingency option in case you experience network or other technical difficulties.

A guide to using Zoom for video has been released on the UM System's Keep Learning site.  Zoom also offers some tips for optimizing video during a Zoom session.


The library has a small collection of DVDs which are listed in the catalog.

Physical DVDs (not streaming media) are sometimes available for loan from other MERLIN and MOBIUS libraries.  These can usually be borrowed in the same way one requests a book.

Your local public library may also have a DVD collection.