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Gateway Library Instruction Conference 2019

Program details to the 4th Gateway Library Instruction Conference to be held on Friday, July 19, 2019


8:15-8:45 Registration desk open (402 JCP)

8:45 -10:00 Opening Remarks (402 JCP)

8:45-9:00: Opening remarks from Chris Niemeyer, UMSL Reference and Instructional Services Librarian and GLIC Planning Committee member

9:00-9:45: Keynote from Dr. Christopher McGee, Executive Director of Academic & Student Services, Affton School District

9:45 -10:00: Introduction to the conference planning committee and conference business

10:00-10:15 Break                 

10:15-11:30 Sessions

Scaffolding the Library Curriculum: : ILIP - Documentation Tool (403 JCP)

Facilitators: Elizabeth Kamper and Shelly McDavid

Description: As more university librarians make efforts towards a cohesive library curriculum, getting started can often be the hardest part. Being able to consistently document each instruction session will allow librarians to better understand their connections to the ACRL Framework, as it relates to student centered learning tasks. Having an Information Literacy Integration Planner (ILIP) guides librarians towards better integration of the ACRL Framework, helps determine holes in their teaching, and can be a communication tool between campus faculty and the library. The ILIP also streamlines scaffolding efforts by allowing librarians to visualize core concepts in their instruction sessions and target specific knowledge gaps in the wider campus curriculum.

In this session, the facilitators will guide participants through the ILIP and demonstrate its effectiveness for documenting an entire academic library’s instruction program. Participants will be able to sit down with the Integration Planner and work through the process using their own instruction knowledge.

Under-Represented Populations: How Libraries Can Help: A Pilot (404 JCP) 

Facilitators: Cheryl Holland and Kim Lipsey

As first-generation student populations increase on college campuses, administrators are realizing that more support is needed to help these students succeed and navigate their uncharted environment. For many first-generation students, finances are a major concern. They soon learn that no matter what the amount of their financial-aid, it will not be enough to meet all of their needs. For example, one area of concern is the high cost of textbooks. If students are unable to purchase their textbooks, they face difficult choices, choices that could adversely affect their success in college.
In this session, we will discuss the “Texbookbroke” pilot workshop designed to help students obtain their textbooks by using the libraries collections and services. Washington University Libraries is an enormous campus resource, providing access to millions of print and electronic books free of charge and easily accessible.

Classroom Engagement Techniques: Flipping the Room (402 JCP)

Facilitators: Josh Zink and Paul Worrell

Tired of being the “sage on the stage”, and hoping to be the “guide on the side”? Presenters will share engagement techniques from their teaching that focus on putting the students in charge of their learning. Examples will include the use of art materials to spark creativity in students, and empowering students to take the lead in database navigation. A special focus will also be on supporting first generation/underprepared students. Participants will get the opportunity to share their own examples in small and large groups and can expect to learn from one another and offer supportive feedback.

11:30 - 12:00 Breakout Sessions

Tour of the State Historical Society
Tour of the Mercantile and Thomas Jefferson Libraries

12:00-1:00 Lunch and networking

Lunch will be provided by Sodexo (4th Floor tables, Conference Center Lobby, or outside if the day is nice!)

1:00-2:15 Sessions

Teaching the Why: Information Literacy for All (402 JCP)

Facilitators: Chris Niemeyer, Ted Chaffin, Martha Allen

NOTE: Owing to an unforeseen situation, the original facilitator for this session had to unexpectedly withdraw as a facilitator. However, the session will continue with the original topic.


Play to Learn: Turning Personal Passions into Teaching Triumphs (404 JCP)

Facilitators: Lena Marvin and Judy Schmitt

In this session, Lena Marvin and Judy Schmitt will discuss how their personal interests (board games and watercolor painting, respectively) inform their instruction styles. As a group, participants will examine how personal interests and teaching styles may change over time; whether teaching is different for those with solitary vs. group interests; and whether participants struggle with aspects of teaching that don’t necessarily “fit” their personal interests. Activities will be aimed at encouraging discussion of these issues and identifying connections between personal interests and teaching that participants may not have thought about before.

Evaluating Resources: Beyond the CRAAP Test (403 JCP)

Facilitators: Holly Hubenschmidt and Sarah Reando

There is so much more to evaluating sources than learning popular versus scholarly or running through the a punch list like the CRAAP test. Join us as we talk about student perspectives, our own biases, and classroom activities that can help develop evaluation skills.

2:15-2:45 Breakout Sessions

Tour of the State Historical Society
Tour of the Mercantile and Thomas Jefferson Libraries

2:45-4:00 Sessions

Classroom Engagement: from Gamifying Misinformation to Appreciative Counseling (402 JCP)

Facilitators: Jorge León and Alexander Ocasio

Making meaningful and engaging connections with students can be difficult. Limited interaction times, traditional classroom lecture formats, and inconsistencies in consultation styles can all be barriers. These barriers lead to missed opportunities and students disconnecting with the content.

Join us as we discuss different engagement techniques that can help in the classroom and in broader patron interactions. The first part will deals with gaming! This will be a brief discussion on gaming models and how to break the ice on the pervasive topic of Misinformation. The second session will deal with appreciative consulting. Learn how you can incorporate this technique into your patron interactions.

Organization of Instruction: Build it, rebuild it, or stay the same? (404 JCP)

Facilitator: Ted Chaffin

Do you administer a library instruction program, department, or a similar effort at your library? Do you serve in an instruction department that is considering a restructure/re-organization? Then this session is for you! Come join in on a great conversation about how library instruction units are structured, and how their efforts unfold, at colleges and universities throughout the St Louis region. Administrators, department heads, program coordinators, and “departments of one” are encouraged to share experiences, brainstorm ideas, and network with your colleagues and peers.

4:00-4:30 Closing (402 JCP)