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autoAccess - UMSL Digital Content Solution

AutoAccess is a collaborative program between UMSL Triton Store, faculty and publishers that provides required materials automatically when a student enrolls in the course--at a reduced cost.

AutoAccess offers:

  • Day 1 access to critical learning resources through LMS (e.g., Canvas)
  • Robust interactive digital content
  • Reduced costs to the students compared to current print/digital options
  • Increased student engagement
  • No hassle with access codes
Student saves year to date

Student Savings with AutoAccess:

$2.2 million

Enrollment year to date

AutoAccess Enrollment:

over 30,000

How Does AutoAccess Work?

  • Faculty work with the publisher rep and the Triton Store to coordinate course materials and cost savings.
  • Faculty receive instructions to set up their course within the LMS to ensure access to digital materials.
  • The Triton Store communicates the program to enrolled students via in-store and online marketing.
  • Students login to LMS and access their course materials on the first day of class.

Find out more about AutoAccess from the Triton Store