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How to find articles, books, and more using our new library search interface.

Finding Specific Articles banner

 1   If you know the title of the article you need, you can search for it using Discover@UMSL. Many articles will be available as full text.

 A  Type or copy/paste the article’s title into the search box. If you’re certain your spelling is correct, put quotation marks around the title to search its exact wording.

Search for an article title enclosed in quotes

 B  If the article is available through UMSL’s journal subscriptions or databases, it should appear as one of the first results and will include a link to a PDF or other full-text option.

Article title as one of top results

 2   Not all articles will be immediately available as full text, and you’ll need to request them through Interlibrary Loan.

 C  If you get a message saying, “No results were found,” click the Search Options link to toggle open the filters for this search.

Toggle open search options to expand results

 D  At the bottom of the page, deselect (uncheck) the Available in Library Collection filter—to open the search up to items we need to request from other libraries—and click the Search button.

Expand results outside library collection

 E  This time, when the article appears at the top of the list, you can request it through Interlibrary Loan (ILL).

Request This Item through Interlibrary Loan link

 F  When you request an item this way, all of the information the lending library needs will auto-fill. You only need to add your status and department before submitting the request. Note: If you have opted out of communications, you will not get an email when your item is available.

Supply your Status and Department for ILL