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General Policies of the University Libraries.

Study Room Policies

  • Students must have a valid UMSL I.D. card to access a room. *
  • Keys are checked out from and returned to the Public Service Desk (Level 3)
  • Study room use is limited to 2 hours.
  • Limit of one study room per student.
  • Study rooms are on a first-come first-served basis.
  • Study rooms must be vacated 30 minutes before the library’s posted closing time.
  • Students must dispose of their trash outside the study rooms.
  • Except for Café TJ, food is not allowed in the Library (including in study rooms).
  • Music is allowed with headphones only.
  • 11 study rooms available:  7 small study rooms (1-3 persons); 2 medium study rooms (4-6 persons); 2 large study rooms (7-10 persons).

* The person whose I.D. is used to check out the room key will be held responsible for the key and the condition of the study room. They are required to stay for the duration of the use. Study room keys are not to leave the building.   If a member of a group needs to leave the building for a period of time, group members are responsible for exchanging the I.D. with the service desk to reflect current occupancy.  Lost and/or damaged keys or study/video rooms will be charged to the person responsible for the room.

Revised January 2016