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Legal Cases & Resources - Finding Cases and Legal Information Using Nexis Uni

A brief introduction to finding legal information and resources using Nexis Uni

Legal Databases

Finding Cases - Basic Search in Nexis Uni

To find cases in Nexis Uni using the basic Guided Search, choose "Cases", select a jurisdiction, and enter the parties.  For example, to find the case Minneci v. Pollard, a Federal case, you would enter the following information and press the "Search" button:

Law Reviews

Additional information can often be found using the "Law Reviews" option. Here is an example using the above case.  Adjust how far back to search using the "...from how long ago" option.


Finding Cases - Advanced Search

The basic search function usually meets the needs of most users. However, it is possible to search other, more specific legal facets using the Advanced Search option.

To use Advanced Search:

  • Choose the "Advanced Search" option
  • Click the "Select a specific content type" menu
  • For cases, click "Cases", then "Cases" again
  • Note that your search options have changed
  • Fill in the relevant information (clicking the "Add" buttons if using the top four fields)
  • Click the "Search" button at the bottom of the page