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Pro & Con Resources

Resources to help explore controversial topics, current events, and examine pros & cons of various issues.

Pro & Con Resources

In your undergraduate career, you may be asked to research and write on an issue that divides public opinion.  Explore this guide for library and web resources that can help you:

  • identify current issues
  • explore the rationale behind each side's opinion
  • locate supporting information and research, including government data and opinion polling

Thoroughly understanding the perspective of each side will help you construct a persuasive argument.

Not sure how to begin your research?  Visit the Library's guide to Getting Started with Your Paper/Project.

Evaluate Your Sources

Prioritize information that:

  • comes from someone/an organization with expertise on the topic, including:
    • academic expertise
    • professional expertise
    • lived experience
  • is up to date
  • offers reliable and current citations

In general, library resources are more reliable than information on the web.  For help with internet research, visit our guide to Evaluating Web Sources.