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IRL@UMSL Graduate Works

Thesis Procedures

Formatting your Thesis

  • All Theses must have a 1 ½ inch margin on the left side.  This is to accommodate any future binding of the thesis.
  • All Theses must follow the convention in the sample title page.  A thesis may have a second title page that follows the writing style used. 
  • Signatures may not be on the title pages submitted to the Graduate School.
  • In matters of style and documentation, the custom of the discipline shall be followed.
    • The three most commonly used at UMSL are:


Abstracts are required for all theses submitted to the Graduate School.  The abstract for the Electronic Thesis and Dissertation site must be no longer than 350 words.

  • Creative theses should include:
  • The type of work (i.e. novel, collection of poems)
  • Description of theme, genre, style, or plot 
  • Research theses should include:
  • The objective (research question)
  • Methods
  • Results
  • Conclusion


1.Appoint the Thesis Committee

  • Your thesis committee must be approved with the M2 form before you submit your thesis for review. 

2.Submit Preliminary Copy to the Graduate School

  • The M3 [with committee member signatures] must accompany the PDF version of the thesis.
  • The email, with two separate attachments - the M3 and the thesis - should be sent to GradSchoolForms
  • Consult the Graduation Deadlines for the last possible dates each semester.

3.Approval of Thesis by the Committee 

  • The thesis committee will complete the M2 Committee Report [bottom portion].
  • A completed M2 indicating “pass” must be on file in the graduate school before the thesis will be reviewed for final approval.

4.Final Copy Submission

  • All master’s thesis must be converted to a PDF for final submission. If you need to edit the PDF to accomplish things such as inserting pages with tables or scans, please consult the Faculty Resource Center for assistance.
  • All master’s theses must be submitted to IRL@UMSL-