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Adulting can be hard but the library has resources that can help!

Tips for Remembering

The video below introduces a variety of strategies for remembering things. Remembering is a big part of adulting. Below additional resources that expand on the strategies introduced in the video. 

Steps to Remembering

To make a reminder list, you need only tasks and a place to record them. It is best to write tasks where you'll see them again. A whiteboard in your living space, a notebook you keep with you, or on your personal device, be it phone or laptop, or even better, both. It is a good idea to be specific with your tasks, including both what and when. A popular paper todo system is called Bullet Journaling. To learn more about it check out the video below.

There are a variety of technologies, both analog and digital, that can be used to help you remember things and organize your life.

One trick is to import your Canvas calendar into your Google calendar:

  1. Go to and sign in
  2. On the sidebar, click Calendar
  3. Select the Calendar Feed button on the right-hand sidebar
  4. Copy (ctrl+c) the link provided
  5. Open your Google Calendar
  6. Click the Settings button in the upper right corner
  7. In the sidebar, select Add Calendar then select From URL
  8. Paste the URL you copied from Canvas
  9. Press Add Calendar

If you use a digital calendar like Google calendar, you can also add your classes as repeating events. You can set reminders and hour and half an hour before you need to go to class to help keep you on track!