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Race, Policing, and Protest in 2020

This guide is focused on the 2020 protests across the U.S. and the social issues surrounding them. It focuses on racial disparities in the criminal justice system, and understanding the death of George Floyd in the context of institutionalized racism.

UMSL Library

The UMSL library has many books relevant to understanding the 2020 protests and the broader context of the murder of George Floyd. The works included here have links whenever possible to ebooks, as access to physical books at the UMSL library is difficult due to the Covid-19 pandemic preventing physical access to our library at the time that this guide was written.


More Suggested Search Terms

  • Black Lives Matter (Movement)
  • class
  • civil rights
  • criminal justice system
  • demonstrations
  • Ferguson unrest *
  • gender
  • institutional racism
  • oppression
  • police brutality
  • police misconduct
  • police shootings
  • racial inequality
  • racial profiling
  • race relations
  • racism
  • racism and the united states
  • social conditions
  • urban development and white flight
  • youth protest movements
  • white privilege

* unfortunately the most commonly used search term in library databases is "Ferguson riots"