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Art & Design Research Guide

A guide to art & design resources at UMSL Libraries and on the web.


This guide offers an introduction to Art & Design resources at UMSL Libraries. Use this guide for help with:

  • Searching using Discover@UMSL, the library's main search tool for books, articles, and more
  • Locating reference texts for background information
  • Finding and navigating art & design databases
  • Finding and using images for classwork/research
  • Citations

Please contact a librarian using the online chat or by emailing/scheduling an appointment.

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What's New?

Color Theory

Giving an overview of the history of color theory from ancient and classical cultures to contemporary contexts, this book explores important critical principles and provides practical guidance on the use of color in art and design.

Violence and the Genesis of the Anatomical Image

Confronts the question of violence in the making of the early modern anatomical image. Engaging the ways in which power operated in early modern anatomical images in Europe and, to a lesser extent, its colonies, San Juan examines literal violence upon bodies in a range of civic, religious, pedagogical, and "exploratory" contexts.

How to... Revised and Expanded Edition

Michael Bierut has had one of the most varied careers of any living graphic designer. The projects in How to... illustrate the breadth of activity that graphic design encompasses today and demonstrate Bierut's enthusiastically eclectic approach that has been a hallmark of his career.

After the Bauhaus, Before the Internet

A history of design teaching from the mid-1950s to the mid-1990s told through essays, interviews, remembrances, and primary materials.

Picasso's War

A riveting story of how dueling ambitions and the power of prodigy made America the cultural center of the world - and Picasso the most famous artist alive - in the shadow of World War II.

Art and Climate Change

A timely introduction to the fields of environmental art, art and ecology, art and climate change, art and activism, and art in the Anthropocene.

Essential Desires

Shows how Thai artists negotiated their emergence on the global art stage while dealing with pan-Asian regionalism and nationalism at home. This book traces the influences on contemporary Thai artists, from the impact of consumerism in Bangkok in the 1990s to the waning legacies of tradition, and their relationship to the nation's often-volatile political stage.

Alain Locke and the Visual Arts

A fresh perspective on the influential critic, offering new ways of understanding the art of the Harlem Renaissance,

River of Forms

A groundbreaking look at the drawings of Giuseppe Penone and how the medium of drawing articulates the artist's wide-ranging practice.

Dakota Modern

Features the most extensive representation of Howe's artworks to date, and it examines his life as both artist and educator.

Everything Is Sampled

Examines the shifting modes of production and circulation of African artistic forms since the 1980s, focusing on digital culture as the most currently decisive setting for these changes.

Thinking about Drawing

Explains the significance of relationships between the body and the mark, visual imitation, drawing and writing and visual storytelling, providing a simple guide to these key ideas.