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Personal Librarian Program

Learn about the Personal Librarian program at UMSL Libraries. We're here to help you!

How can my Personal Librarian help me?

Your Personal Librarian will help you:

  • Find information, identify the best sources, and understand citations
  • Get started with a paper or project; if we don’t know the answer, we’ll find someone who does
  • When you’re away from campus via email or chat

We can also answer your questions (big or small) about the library:

  • How can I find articles for a research paper?
  • How do I know if the library has a book or an article that I need?
  • How do I get an article or book that the library doesn’t have?

The Personal Librarian program is designed to save you time, and help you succeed academically. Your Personal Librarian is here to help you get the most of the library and we are dedicated to helping you succeed academically. 

You are not limited to only your Personal Librarian, so feel free to contact any reference librarian member if you need help. 

Need help with advising, technology, writing or homework?

We love helping you, and sometimes that is by directing you to the folks who can do that best:


Advising - find your advisor -

Math Help - get help from the Math "Academic Center -

Tech Help - get help from UMSL Information Technology Services -

Tutoring - find out more from UMSL tutoring -

Writing - get an appointment at the writing center -

Coaching - request an academic coach -

About the Personal Librarian

Personal Librarian by Jaleh Fazelian

Meet your Personal Librarian

Personal Librarian 2 by Jaleh Fazelian