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Political Science, Public Policy & Law

A guide to resources at UMSL Libraries for political science, public policy, and law.

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Finding a Book on the Shelf

Finding a Book Using the Online Record


Print books are organized using the Library of Congress classification system.  The Locations tab will tell you where to find the book.  For example:

Screenshot of Impressionism book record. Location: UMSL TJL General Collection Level 4. Call No.: N547.5 I4 H684 2004


  • Location tells us the book is on Level 4.
  • Call # helps us find the book on the shelf.  Books are first organized alphabetically, so look for the section with books labelled ND (between NC and NE).  Then, use the following numbers and letters to search numerically and alphabetically for the right book.  The book may or may not have a publication year at the end.
  • Status tells us the book is available, i.e., not currently checked out.

Other books nearby on the shelf will also be about the same or similar topics!  Use this information to browse for books you may not have found in the online catalog.

Can't find it on the shelf?  Check with the front desk!

Browsing the Stacks

As mentioned above, our library is organized using the Library of Congress system. Books about similar topics are grouped together. We recommend using the Discover@UMSL search if you are looking for a specific topic.

If you would still like to browse the arts section, you can find it on Level 4 of TJ library.

Library of Congress: Fine Arts

N: Fine Arts

  • N: Visual arts
    • N1 - 58: General
    • N61 - 72: Theory. Philosophy. Aesthetics of the visual arts
    • N81 - 390: Study and teaching. Research
    • N5300 - 7418: History
  • NA: Architecture
  • NB: Sculpture
  • NC: Drawing. Design. Illustration
    • NC1 - 45: General, including collective biography
    • NC50 - 266: History of drawing
    • NC703 - 725: General works
    • NC730 - 758: Technique
    • NC950 - (996): Illustration
    • NC997 - 1003: Commercial art. Advertising art
  • ND: Painting
    • ND25 - (48): General
    • ND49 - 813: History
    • ND1115 - 1120: Study and teaching
    • ND1130 - 1156: General works
    • ND1288 - 1460: Special subjects
    • ND1470 - 1625: Technique and materials
  • NE: Print media
  • NK: Decorative arts
    • NK1 - 570: General
    • NK600 - 806: History
    • NK1648 - 1678: Religious art
  • NX: Arts in general
    • NX1 - 260: General
    • NX280 - 410: Study and teaching. Research
    • NX440 - 632: History of the arts