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Children's Books

A guide for navigation of children's books at the Thomas Jefferson Library at UMSL.

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Reference Librarian

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Michelle Zigler
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Purchased & Subscription Ebooks

  • UMSL subscribes to various collections of ebooks.  These collections change.  Titles can be removed or added by the providers at any time, but this usually happens twice a year, around the holidays in December/January, and June.
  • User limits for each book will vary with each book, as will the publisher's restrictions on download & printing options.

Literacy Grant Books

  • 145 ebooks were purchased for the use by UMSL education students.  To browse only these books, click on the "Literacy Grant" page at left.
  • All of these books have a 1 user limit.  They are also included in the general EBSCO links.

    For more information about UMSL's literacy grant, click here.

Technology & Children

Both the EBSCO collections and the O'Reilly collection have a selection of technology and computer books for children & working with children.  Search using terms such as "computers" or "science" along with "children" or "kids".