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Science, Medicine, and Exploration (Primary Sources)

Primary Sources: Mapping the World: Maps and Travel Literature (Nineteenth Century Collections Online)

Nineteenth Century Collections Online: Mapping the World: Maps and Travel Literature

This collection presents unique insights into the age of cartography and the rise of leisure travel, spotlighting a distinguished array of historical atlases, gazetteers, travel narratives, and a variety of maps, The materials focus on travel and exploration during the nineteenth century, including myriad sketch maps created during colonial exploration and expansion. Maps, historic atlases, and gazetteers offer unique city, town, and country information first used by the nineteenth century traveler, providing a window into the Age of Imperialism and the burgeoning middle classes. Featuring a multitude of both European and non-European travel narratives, the collection offers a glimpse not only of the lands and peoples these travelers encountered, but also valuable insight into how the Industrial Revolution changed people's experiences in their ever-shrinking world.

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