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Using eBooks

Using eBooks at UMSL

Using Ebooks

Using eBooks

The UMSL Libraries have purchased and subscribed to many eBooks for faculty, staff and students. These eBooks are restricted to UMSL users and include scholarly books as well as some popular fiction. The UMSL Libraries website also offers easy links to digital collections of open access and public domain eBooks.

  • There are two ways to read eBooks:
    • Read them online (requires an Internet connection). All eBooks can be read this way. Look for a link that says "PDF Full Text," "EPUB Full Text," "Full Text from [Database Name]," or something similar.
    • Read them offline by downloading them. Many, but not all, of our eBooks can be downloaded, often by a specific chapter(s) or section(s). Some platforms have a limit on the number of pages you can download from the same book. Some publishers also require additional software to read their books.
  • Some eBooks are available to multiple simultaneous readers; however, many have a user limit (usually 1-3 users at once).
  • See Help with eBooks by Provider if you are having trouble with a particular platform.

Finding eBooks


Discover@UMSL is the library's main search tool for locating books, articles, and more. It is a helpful starting point for locating eBooks because it includes digital materials from multiple eBook platforms in the same search.

  1. Type your topic into the box and click "Search."
  2. Under "Filter by Source Type" on the left side of the results page, select "eBooks." You may need to click the "Show More" button if the eBooks box is not already visible.


Journals & eBooks by Title

A Discover@UMSL search will not include results from every single database. The Journals & eBooks search will allow you to:

  • Search by title (if you already know what you're looking for)
  • Browse by subject area

The results list will look similar to a regular Discover@UMSL search.


EBook Databases (Complete List)

You can also search for eBooks in a specific database. It is important to also search in databases because not all of our eBooks will show up in a Discover@UMSL search. Using databases is also helpful when you are looking for a particular type of book (e.g., encyclopedias) or for a particular subject area. For a complete list of UMSL's databases, visit our A-Z Database List.

  • To view databases with eBook content:
    • Open the "Choose a Type of Resource" menu at the top of the screen.
    • Select "E-Books"
    • Alternatively, you can filter by Vendor/Provider. Providers that offer eBook content include EBSCO, JSTOR, and ProQuest, among others.

Popular EBook Platforms (for open access and public domain books, see the Free Ebooks tab)