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Black History Month

Black History Month 2023 Theme: Black Resistance

Reading List

Defying Disfranchisement

Rather than present southern blacks as victims during the roughest era of discrimination, in Defying Disfranchisement Riser demonstrates that they fought against Jim Crow harder and earlier than traditional histories allow, and they drew on their own talents and resources to do so.

The Devil You Know

The Devil You Know is a groundbreaking manifesto, proposing nothing short of the most audacious power play by Black people in the history of this country.

Fight for Freedom

From as early as the sixteenth century, when Europeans attempted to systematically exploit Africans, black people have engaged in a variety of organised and sustained resistance campaigns to assert their independence and identity. This book examines some of the different strategies employed by black people in Africa and the Diaspora in response to European domination and exploitation.

Imprisoned in a Luminous Glare

Offering readings of the use of photography in the antilynching movement, the civil rights movement, and the black power movement, Raiford focuses on key transformations in technology, society, and politics to understand the evolution of photography's deployment in capturing white oppression, black resistance, and African American life.

Little Rock

Probing the conflicts of school desegregation in the mid-century South, Little Rock casts new light on connections between social inequality and the culture wars of modern America.

Mainstreaming Black Power

Mainstreaming Black Power shows more convincingly than ever before that white power structures did engage with Black Power in specific ways that tended ultimately to reinforce rather than challenge existing racial, class, and gender hierarchies. This book emphasizes that Black Power's reach and legacies can be understood only in the context of an ideologically diverse black community.

Postracial Resistance

Postracial Resistance explores how African American women celebrities, cultural producers, and audiences employ postracial discourse--the notion that race and race-based discrimination are over and no longer affect people's everyday lives--to refute postracialism itself.

The River Flows On

How acts of slave resistance gave rise to African American identity The River Flows On is an impressively broad study of slave resistance in America, spanning the colonial and antebellum eras in both the North and South and covering all forms of recalcitrance, from major revolts and rebellions to everyday acts of disobedience.

Slavery, Resistance, Freedom

This extraordinary collection of essays by some of America's top historians focuses on how African Americans resisted slavery and how they responded when finally free.

Teaching Resistance

Teaching Resistance is a collection of the voices of activist educators from around the world who engage inside and outside the classroom from pre-kindergarten to university and emphasize teaching radical practice from the field.