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Remote Library Services

When you need or prefer to work remotely, there are many ways the Libraries can provide you with expert help and services. Always check the Libraries’ website for the latest information about our hours and services.

Zoom Hosting for Students

Most students at UMSL have joined a Zoom meetings for class through Canvas, which does not require one to create an account. But, if you would like to host a meeting for studying with your peers or to hold a meeting for a student organization you can. First, you log into your UM System account through your web browser to create your own meetings. This guide will walk you through how to do that and what Zoom offers you in creating your own meetings and how to utilize it.


First, there are two different ways you can utilize Zoom: through a PC/Laptop and through a mobile device.

Computer or Mobile

First follow this link ( to sign into the Zoom website using the UM System Portal with your SSO ID and password. This is the same password you use for canvas and your UMSL email.

Hosting or Joining a Meeting via Computer

From here, you will see your account settings where you can add a profile picture if you like.


On the left hand side, you should be able to see the tab “Meetings” under the highlighted tab “Profile”.


Click on it, and you will be brought to a page where you can see any scheduled meetings you have in the future or had in the past:

Here, you can see the button called “Schedule a New Meeting” which allows you to host a meeting for a certain date and time. This would best be utilized for any study group meetings or student organization meetings that you want to host in the future, especially if it is a recurring meeting that will be happening on a regular basis.

But if you want to host a meeting immediately for people to join, you will want to click the button “Host a Meeting” to the left of where your profile picture is (use previous picture for reference).

This is where you can also see the option to “Join a Meeting”, which allows you to input a Meeting ID or link to join a meeting already taking place, and the option to “Schedule a Meeting”, which takes you to the same page the other schedule meeting button took you to.

When you hover over the “Host a Meeting” button, it will give you three options to choose from: “With Video On”, “With Video Off”, and “Screen Share Only”. This is up to your preference and how you want to handle the meeting.

Once you have selected your option, it will take you to a launching page for the Zoom application. If you have not downloaded this application, it will start a download for you.

Once it is done downloading, or once you have to application up and running, it will show either your webcam or if you selected no video, it will show something like the image below:


Here, you can adjust how the meeting will run: you can mute and unmute yourself, show or hide the video of yourself, you may chat with all members of the meeting or just one member, you can share your screen with other people or allow multiple people to share their screen, you can also record the meetings you are in, and create breakout rooms for members to go into to talk amongst different members.

Logging into your UM System Account via Mobile Device

  • The tutorial for PC and Laptop users is slightly different for Mobile users, but still useful.
  • You will first have to download the app “ZOOM Cloud Meetings” on your mobile device, and it is on both the Apple app store and the Google Play store.
  • From here, you will have to follow this link (, in whichever browser you prefer, to log into your UM System account.

Hosting or Joining a Meeting via Mobile Device

From there, you will see the same webpage as before where you can Join and Host a meeting in the upper right hand corner next to the three-barred symbol.

When you click host, it will load a page where you can touch the button “Start Meeting” and it will transfer to your app and start the meeting.

There are also two other buttons at the bottom of the page: “Download from Google Play” (or the Apple store) and “Download from Zoom”. If you have already downloaded the app, neither of these buttons are necessary.


From here, the meetings are set up the same as when hosting one on PC or Laptop, except you are unable to create breakout rooms.