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New Arrivals

This guide shows Thomas Jefferson Library's newest print books.

New in the Best-Sellers Collection

Burning Questions

In this brilliant selection of essays, the award-winning, best-selling author of The Handmaid’s Tale and The Testaments aims her prodigious intellect and impish humor at the world, and reports back to us on what she finds.

Girl in Ice

From the author of The River at Night and Into the Jungle comes a harrowing new thriller set in the unforgiving landscape of the Arctic Circle, as a brilliant linguist struggling to understand the apparent suicide of her twin brother ventures hundreds of miles north to try to communicate with a young girl who has been thawed from the ice alive.


From the award-winning author of the Booker-prize finalist We Need New Names, an exhilarating novel about the fall of an oppressive regime, and the chaos and opportunity that rise in its wake.

God of Mercy

God of Mercy is set in Ichulu, an Igbo village where the people’s worship of their gods is absolute. Their adherence to tradition has allowed them to evade the influences of colonialism and globalization. But the village is reckoning with changes, including a war between gods signaled by Ijeoma, a girl who can fly.

Gwendy’s Final Task

In Gwendy’s Final Task, “horror giants” (Publishers Weekly) Stephen King and Richard Chizmar take us on a journey from Castle Rock to another famous cursed Maine city to the MF-1 space station, where Gwendy must execute a secret mission to save the world. And, maybe, all worlds.

The High House

A searing novel that takes on parenthood, sacrifice, love, and survival under the threat of extinction, The High House is a stunning, emotionally precise novel about what can be salvaged at the end of the world.

The Island of Missing Trees

A rich, magical new novel on belonging and identity, love and trauma, nature and renewal, from the Booker-shortlisted author of 10 Minutes 38 Seconds in This Strange World.

A Previous Life

A daring, category-confounding, and ruthlessly funny novel from National Book Award honored author Edmund White that explores polyamory and bisexuality, aging and love.

The Seventh Queen

After the gasp-inducing cliffhanger ending of The Frozen Crown, the exciting conclusion to the epic story of Askia—a warrior, witch, and queen-to-be—as she confronts the monster that stole her throne . . . and is holding her prisoner to steal her magic.

Bryant and May: London Bridge Is Falling Down

The brilliant duo of Arthur Bryant and John May uncovers a nefarious plot behind the seemingly innocuous death of an old lady—and when the case leads them to London Bridge, it all comes down on the Peculiar Crimes Unit.

The Last Confessions of Sylvia P.

Blending past and present, and told through three unique interwoven narratives that build on one another, a daring and brilliant debut novel that reimagines a chapter in the life of Sylvia Plath, telling the story behind the creation of her classic semi-autobiographical novel, The Bell Jar.

The Last Dance of the Debutante

When it’s announced that 1958 will be the last year debutantes are to be presented at court, thousands of eager mothers and hopeful daughters flood the palace with letters seeking the year’s most coveted invitation: a chance for their daughters to curtsy to the young Queen Elizabeth and officially come out into society.

The Last Suspicious Holdout

The critically acclaimed author of The Rib King returns with an eagerly anticipated collection of interlocking short stories that explore relationships between friends, family, and strangers in a Black neighborhood over fifteen years.

The Last Wild Horses

Spanning continents and centuries, The Last Wild Horses is a powerful tale of survival and connection—of humans, animals, and the indestructible bonds that unite us all.

The Left-Handed Twin

Jane Whitefield helps people who need to vanish completely and establish a new life. But the boyfriend of her latest client has dangerous friends: members of a Russian organized crime brotherhood. The Russians believe the knowledge Jane has of past clients could be worth millions. As Jane and her client plunge into Maine's Hundred Mile Wilderness, one thing is certain: only one party—Jane or her pursuers—will emerge alive.

Level Up

An inspiring and revelatory guide to starting and scaling a small business, from powerhouse duo Stacey Abrams and Lara Hodgson. Level Up arms readers with the confidence, know-how, and savvy to overcome the obstacles that hold their businesses back.

The Librarian Always Rings Twice

When a mysterious stranger turns up making claims that threaten Lady Fowling’s legacy, Hayley Burke must dig deep into her late benefactor’s history to uncover the truth and catch a conniving killer in this new mystery from USA Today bestselling author Marty Wingate.

Life Without Children

Love and marriage. Children and family. Death and grief. Life touches everyone the same. But living under lockdown, it changes us alone. In these ten beautifully moving short stories written mostly during the pandemic, Booker Prize winner Roddy Doyle paints a collective portrait of our strange times.

Listening Still

From Anne Griffin, the bestselling author of When All is Said, comes Listening Still, a refreshing new novel about a young woman who can hear the dead—a talent which is both a gift and a curse.

Little Souls

Set against the backdrop of an epidemic that feels all too familiar, Little Souls is a compelling tale of sisterhood and of the sacrifices people make to protect those they love most.

The Lost Book of Eleanor Dare

What happened to the Lost Colony of Roanoke remains a mystery, but the women who descended from Eleanor Dare have long known that the truth lies in what she left behind: a message carved onto a large stone and the contents of her treasured commonplace book.


Love is a fever dream of a novel about a young sex worker whose life blurs the boundaries between violence and intimacy, objectification and real love.

The Love of My Life

Emma loves her husband Leo and their young daughter Ruby: she’d do anything for them. But almost everything she’s told them about herself is a lie. When the darkest moments of Emma’s past finally emerge, she must somehow prove to Leo that she really is the woman he always thought she was. But first, she must tell him about the other love of her life.

Lucky Turtle

Page-turning, full of vivid characters, delicious suspense, and ultimately joy, Lucky Turtle is a big-hearted, deeply engrossing love story from one of our most entertaining and perceptive writers.

Medusa’s Ankles

A ravishing, luminous selection of short stories from the prize-winning imagination of A. S. Byatt, Medusa’s Ankles transports readers beyond the veneer of the ordinary—even beyond the gloss of the fantastical—to places rich and strange and wholly unforgettable.

The Memory Librarian

Filled with powerful themes and Monáe’s emblematic artistic vision, The Memory Librarian serves to readers tales that dissect the human trials of identity expression, technology, and love, reaching through to the worlds of memory and time, and the stakes and power that pulse there.


Unfolding over seventy years through a chorus of unforgettable voices that move back and forth in time, Memphis paints an indelible portrait of inheritance, celebrating the full complexity of what we pass down, in a family and as a country: brutality and justice, faith and forgiveness, sacrifice and love.

The Midnight Lock

Jeffery Deaver delivers the latest thriller featuring his beloved protagonists Lincoln Rhyme and Amelia Sachs as they search for a criminal whose fascination with breaking locks terrorizes New York City.

The Month of Borrowed Dreams

Return to Felicity Hayes-McCoy’s Finfarran Peninsula with this enchanting novel in the vein of Jenny Colgan, Maeve Binchy, and Nancy Thayer—humming with the rhythms of modern rural Irish life—in which librarian Hanna Casey and her family and friends face new challenges and possibilities.

Moon Witch, Spider King

From Marlon James, author of the bestselling National Book Award finalist Black Leopard, Red Wolf, the second book in the Dark Star trilogy. Part adventure tale, part chronicle of an indomitable woman who bows to no man, it is a fascinating novel that explores power, personality, and the places where they overlap.

Nettle and Bone

This isn’t a fairytale where the princess marries a prince. It’s one where she kills him. After years of seeing her sisters suffer at the hands of an abusive prince, Marra—the shy, convent-raised, third-born daughter—has finally realized that no one is coming to their rescue. No one, except for Marra herself.

Never Tell

Criminal psychologist Dr. Erin Abbott wants nothing more than to live a quiet life. That means no danger, no intrigue—and absolutely no romance. But when Erin suspects a serial killer is roaming New Orleans, her investigation throws her straight into the arms of the only man who can help her.

New York, My Village

Akpan’s prose melds humor, tenderness, and pain to explore the myriad ways that tribalisms define life everywhere, from the villages of Nigeria to the villages within New York City.

Nobody’s Magic

This glittering novel, centered around three Black women with albinism, is a searing meditation on grief, female strength, and self-discovery set against a backdrop of complicated social and racial histories.


When everything goes wrong on a trip to the local market, AO, a woman with a ton of major and necessary body augmentations, must race against time across the deserts of Northern Nigeria with a Fulani herdsman named DNA in a world where everything is streamed.

Observations by Gaslight

From familiar faces like landlady Mrs. Hudson to minor characters like Lomax the sub-librarian, Observations by Gaslight—entirely epistolary, told through diaries, telegrams, and even grocery lists—paints a masterful portrait of Sherlock Holmes and Dr. Watson as you have never seen them before.

Oh William!

Pulitzer Prize winner Elizabeth Strout explores the mysteries of marriage and the secrets we keep, as a former couple reckons with where they’ve come from—and what they’ve left behind.

One Italian Summer

Rebecca Serle’s next great love story is here, and this time it’s between a mother and a daughter. With her signature prose, Serle has crafted a transcendent novel about how we move on after loss, and how the people we love never truly leave us.

Our Lady of Mysterious Ailments

“Alluring, shadowy Edinburgh with its hints of sophisticated academic magic will draw you in, but it’s Ropa—a hard knocks ghostalker on her paranormal grind to pay the rent—who grabs hold. The moment you meet her, you’ll follow wherever she goes.” —Olivie Blake, New York Times bestselling author of The Atlas Six

Out There

Prescient and wildly imaginative, Out There depicts an uncanny landscape that holds a mirror to our subconscious fears and desires. Each story beats with its own fierce heart, and together they herald an exciting new arrival in the tradition of speculative literary fiction.

The Paradox Hotel

At once a dazzlingly time-twisting murder mystery and a story about grief, memory, and what it means to—literally—come face-to-face with our ghosts, The Paradox Hotel is another unforgettable speculative thrill ride from acclaimed author Rob Hart.

The Perishing

Lou, a young Black woman, wakes up in an alley in 1930s Los Angeles, nearly naked and with no memory. Taken in by a caring foster family, she befriends a firefighter at a downtown boxing gym. Lou is shocked to realize that, though she has no memory of meeting him, she’s been drawing his face for years. Increasingly certain that their paths previously crossed, Lou begins to believe she may be an immortal sent for a very important reason, one that only others like her will be able to explain.

Pity the Beast

Pity the Beast is a mind-melting feminist Western that pins a tale of sexual violence and vengeance to a canvas stretching back to prehistory, sideways into legend, and off into a lonesome future.


A Black descendant of Thomas Jefferson and Sally Hemings’ family explores America’s racial reckoning through the prism of her ancestors—both the enslaver and the enslaved.

The Recovery Agent

Lost something? Gabriela Rose knows how to get it back. As a recovery agent, she’s hired by individuals and companies seeking lost treasures, stolen heirlooms, or missing assets. She’s reliable, cool under pressure, and well trained in weapons of all types. But Gabriela’s latest job is for her own family, and it comes with a huge problem attached to it—Gabriela’s ex-husband, Rafer.

The Return of the Pharaoh

In Nicholas Meyer’s The Return of the Pharaoh, Sherlock Holmes returns in an adventure that takes him to Egypt in search of a missing nobleman, a previously undiscovered pharaoh’s tomb, and a conspiracy that threatens his very life.

A River Enchanted

House of Earth and Blood meets The Witch’s Heart in Rebecca Ross’s brilliant first adult fantasy, set on the magical isle of Cadence where two childhood enemies must team up to discover why girls are going missing from their clan.

Run, Rose, Run

From America’s most beloved superstar and its greatest storyteller—a thriller about a young singer-songwriter on the rise and on the run, and determined to do whatever it takes to survive.

The School for Good Mothers

One lapse in judgment lands a young mother in a government reform program where custody of her child hangs in the balance, in this “surreal” (People), “remarkable” (Vogue), and “infuriatingly timely” (The New York Times Book Review) debut novel.

Sea of Tranquility

The award-winning, best-selling author of Station Eleven and The Glass Hotel returns with a novel of art, time travel, love, and plague that takes the reader from Vancouver Island in 1912 to a dark colony on the moon five hundred years later, unfurling a story of humanity across centuries and space.

Secret Identity

From Anthony Award-winning writer Alex Segura comes Secret Identity, a rollicking literary mystery set in the world of comic books. Segura uses his expertise as a comics creator as well as his unabashed love of noir fiction to create a truly one-of-a-kind novel—hard-edged and bright-eyed, gritty and dangerous, and utterly absorbing.

The Secrets of Ashmore Castle

The Secrets of Ashmore Castle is the first in a brand new historical family drama series, filled with heartbreak, romance and intriguing secrets waiting to be uncovered. The perfect read for fans of Downton Abbey, Bridgerton, and rich period dramas.

Speaking of Race

In this urgently needed guide, the PBS host, award-winning journalist, and author of We Need to Talk teaches us how to have productive conversations about race, offering insights, advice, and support.


The legendary author of Hild returns with an unforgettable hero and a queer Arthurian masterpiece for the modern era. Nicola Griffith’s Spear is a spellbinding vision of the Camelot we’ve longed for, a Camelot that belongs to us all.

Star Wars: Thrawn Ascendancy (Book III: Lesser Evil)

The fate of the Chiss Ascendancy hangs in the balance in the epic finale of the Star Wars: Thrawn Ascendancy trilogy from Timothy Zahn. To secure the salvation of the Ascendancy, is Thrawn willing to sacrifice everything? Including the only home he has ever known?


Sharp as a snakebite, Sundial is a gripping novel about the secrets we bury from the ones we love most, from Catriona Ward, the author of The Last House on Needless Street.

Sweep of Stars

The Muungano empire strived and struggled to form a utopia when they split away from old earth. But the old powers could not allow them to thrive and have now set in motion new plots to destroy all that they've built. In the fire to come they will face down their greatest struggle yet.

Take My Hand

Inspired by true events that rocked the nation, a searing and compassionate new novel about a Black nurse in post-segregation Alabama who blows the whistle on a terrible injustice done to her patients.

Tell Me How to Be

By turns irreverent and tender, filled with the beats of ’90s R&B, Tell Me How to Be is about our earliest betrayals and the cost of reconciliation. But most of all, it is the love story of a mother and son each trying to figure out how to be in the world.

Spotlight on Education (Print Only)

Education and Climate Change

Climate change -- study and teaching

Feeling Smarter and Smarter

Learning disabilities

Half in Shadow

Educator biography

Playful Mathematics

Mathematics -- study and teaching

Real Talk


The School Bereavement Toolkit

Social work / Education

Teaching White Supremacy

Racism in education

New in Academic Books (Print Only)

L’Algérie des Deux Rives

Short stories (in French)

Anthropological Lives

Vocational guidance

Are We Slaves to Our Genes?

Genetic engineering

Aventures dans la France Gourmande

French cooking (in French)


Political science

Becoming George Orwell

Literary criticism

A Big History of North America

North American history



Breath, Eyes, Memory

American fiction

Capital et Idéologie

Sociology (in French)


Human ecology

A Century of Geneticists

History of genetics / Biography

Challenging the Black Atlantic

Latin American literature -- history and criticism

China Goes Green


La Classe de Neige

Mystery fiction (in French)

Contes Fantastiques Québécois

Folklore -- Québec (in French)

Contesting the Constitution

Political history / Slavery

Death by Shakespeare

Medical history

Decolonizing Diasporas

African diaspora in literature

Deep Song

Literary criticism

Democracy under Siege

Political science

Designing Babies

Genetic engineering

Documenting Rebellions

Archives / Gender studies

Une Écologie Décoloniale

Human ecology (in French)

Eloge de la Créolité

Creole culture (in French)

Emancipation’s Daughters

Leadership / African American women

Une Enfance Outremer

Autobiography (in French)

Ethical Water Stewardship

Water supply management

La Famille Noire

Fiction (in French)

Fear in Our Hearts

Hate crimes / History

Figures of the World

Comparative literature

Une Fille dans la Jungle

Fiction (in French)

La Fin de l’Hospitalité

Immigration (in French)

Four Lost Cities


La France: Histoire, Société, Culture

French culture (in French)

France in the World

French history

From Apes to Cyborgs

Human evolution

Future Sea

Marine ecosystems


Fiction (in French)

La Grammaire à l’Oeuvre

French grammar (in French)

Histoire Mondiale de la France

French history (in French)

Une Histoire Populaire de la France

French history (in French)

The Life of Mark Twain

Author biography

Lunar Calendars of the Precolumbian Maya

Latin American history / Astronomy

Madame Bovary

Literature (in French)

La Main Coupée

War memoir (in French)

Mohammad, Ma Mère et Moi

Immigration (in French)

Notre-Dame de Paris

Literature (in French)


Fiction (in French)

Les Rochers de Poudre d’Or

Fiction (in French)

Rosalie l’Infâme

Fiction (in French)

Satyricon. Apocolocyntosis

Satirical literature

Spreading the Word

History of publishing

They Called Us Enemy

Graphic novel / autobiography

La Traduction

French language -- translation

Tropique de la Violence

Fiction (in French)

Vers le Sud

Romantic fiction (in French)