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How to find articles, books, and more using our new library search interface.

Accessing Your Library Accounts banner

UMSL students, faculty, and staff have access to three different library accounts, depending on what material they've requested, checked out, or saved. Here’s how to see an explanation of the differences between them and find links to access them.

 A  On the library homepage (, click the Library Accounts button below the Discover@UMSL search box. 

Library Accounts link on the library homepage

This will pull up a dialog box ( B ) that provides access buttons and explains how the three accounts differ. Note that clicking the My Library Account button will not take you directly to your account. You’ll first need to log in (if prompted), and then you’ll be taken to the New Search page, where you’ll click the My Library Account link in the dark gray bar near the top right corner of the page.

Dialog box showing how the 3 library accounts differ

See the tabs below to learn more about how to renew your loans and perform other account actions. 

My Library Account banner

 C  You’ll know you’re logged into your account when you see your name next to the UMSL Libraries logo on the left. 

 D  If you currently have books checked out, you can see them either by clicking the My Loans link in the black bar or by selecting My Loans from the side navigation menu. From there, you can click the Renew link ( E ) or check the due date ( F ). This particular book is due on 2023-11-04, or November 4, 2023.

Account page showing side navigation and headers

Your account will be accessible every time you search Discover@UMSL. If you’ve saved searches or search results, you’ll find them in the side navigation menu. For more information on the My Library Account feature, click the “?” next to your name at the top of the menu or visit the Saving Items & Searches page in this guide.

Questions? Contact the Thomas Jefferson Library by using chat, email, or telephone: (314) 516-5060.

My MOBIUS Account banner

To access your MOBIUS account:

 A  On the library homepage (, click the My Account button below the Discover@UMSL search box. Select My MOBIUS Account from the dropdown menu.

My MOBIUS Account option on the library homepage

 B  Choose the Your campus email username login option and then log in using your standard university SSO ID and password.

Ideal login option for MOBIUS Account

 C  On the next page, you’ll see your account dashboard. Clicking the link for your requests will open another page showing the status of your holds. Generally, an item will say RECEIVED when it is ready for pickup, and you will get an email notification; if you have not received an email and are unsure what a particular status means, please contact the library via chat or by calling (314) 516-5060.

MOBIUS account dashboard and holds detail page

Interlibrary Loan Account banner

To access your Interlibrary Loan account:

 A  On the library homepage (, click the My Account button below the Discover@UMSL search box. Select Interlibrary Loan from the dropdown menu.

Interlibrary Loan account option on the homepage

 B  On the Interlibrary Loan page, click the yellow button in the middle of the page to log in to your account using your standard university SSO ID and password.

Login button for Interlibrary Loan account

On the next page, you’ll see the history of your requested items. Note the different item types (Book, eJournal/eMagazine) and statuses (Submitted, Link Expired, and Complete). You can cancel a submitted item by selecting its checkbox and clicking the Cancel requests button ( C ). If you click the Request details link below an item’s submitted date ( D ), you will see a log of the notifications you have received for that item. If you have questions about your requests, please contact the library’s ILL coordinator at (314) 516-5080.

Detailed ILL account page showing Cancel button and link for request details