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Digital Humanities

The Digital Humanities is the collaborative and interdisciplinary application of new technologies to humanities research. It expands the traditional forms of scholarly communication. This guide is a colleciton of resources compiled in the hopes of helping

Creating Your Timeline with UMSL Mydrive Image Hosting

To use UMSL Mydrive to host your TimelineJS - first activate your UMSL Mydrive if you haven't yet at

Once you are logged into create a folder to house your timeline. I suggest 'Timeline' and than go to to get a Timeline Spreadsheet with the TimelineJS template.

You can 'hotlink' your images or you can host them from your UMSL Mydrive.To host pictures in UMSL Mydrive, first upload images to your Timeline folder. Right-click the image and choose  'Get shareable link


This will provide you a link like this one:

The important part of this link is the gibberish at the end, the portion after id=

To share the image append the gibberish to this URL:

to be

This can be used in the Media Column in your timeline.