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Copyright for UMSL Faculty

A guide to copyright rules and regulations in an educational setting.

Directions for retrieving articles in UMSL databases

Although a bit clumsy, this technique is the most robust way to direct a student to a full-text article in one of UMSL's databases.

These are the basic steps, or template, for creating directions to accessing a full-text article in an UMSL database:

  1. Identify the database in which the article is located, E.g., EBSCOhost's Academic Search Complete.
  2. Using trial and error, create an easily describable search that will uniquely retrieve the article.
  3. Give specific directions to students as to which database to access, and what specific search to use to retrieve the article.

Example of directions for a student: 

  1. Go to the library home page at
  2. Click in the box Search Individual Databases
  3. In the Search for Databases box enter Academic Search Complete and click on the  Go button.
  4. Click on the link Academic Search Complete
  5. Type in the words dental fitness and Hurley in the first box and click on the Search button.

This example would retrieve the following full-text article;

Hurley, S. J., & Tuck, J. (2007). Improving the Dental Fitness of the British Army by Changing the Strategy for Dental Care Provision for Recruits from a Vertically Equitable Model to a Horizontally Equitable Model. Military Medicine172(11), 1182-1185.


It might be obvious with the above example that hypertext links can be used to directly connect students to a specific database. Instead of giving the steps to start at the library home page and go to Search Individual Database and then enter the name of the database, e.g., Academic Search Complete, one could easily just give the link directly to the database:

Experience shows that these links are not robust over time. The systems being used may change; some of these links are also dynamically generated, meaning they will change from session to session. By using the "list of steps" technique described here students will more robustly be able to access the intended articles. Simultaneously, they will be learning the structure of the library web space including access to different databases and resources.

Disclaimer for uploaded items

If after having consulted the available information regarding United States copyright law you have determined, as best you can, that you may legally upload a copyrighted document to UMSL courseware, upload the document(s) and include the following disclaimer.

The following documents have been uploaded solely for the use of students in this specific course and may not be further copied or disseminated without the explicit permission of the copyright holder.

The authority for placing this information is based on the instructor's good faith understanding of relevant copyright law as described and discussed by the United States Copyright Office ( as well as the University of Missouri Division of Information Technology's "Rules and Resources for Online Intellectual Property" (

Should any of these documents be perceived to inadvertently violate United States copyright law or University of Missouri rules and regulations, you may report that to the University of Missouri Agent for the Digital Millennium Copyright Act ( who will proceed appropriately to resolve the issue.