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Curriculum Research

This guide is here to help you navigate the resources available in the area of educational curriculum design, development, evaluation, and more.


Break down your thesis into concepts. Develop a list of synonyms.

EXAMPLE: curriculum AND development AND middle school

Use the truncation or wildcard symbol (*) to search variant word endings: develop* = develop, develops, developer, developing, developed


Clearly define your thesis statement. Trouble spots to look out for:

Too Broad - EXAMPLE: text books

  • Solution: add another concept to your topic which will narrow your thesis and make it more focused.
    EXAMPLE: text books AND mathematics

Too Narrow - EXAMPLE: homeschooling AND socialization AND "family income"

[NOTE: to search a phrase use quotes]

  • Solution: Remove one secondary concept from your thesis.
    EXAMPLE: homeschooling AND socialization AND "family income"