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Hispanic Studies and Spanish Language

An introduction to Hispanic Studies resources at UMSL Libraries, including Spanish language learning materials.


Finding Books. White text on red background


The library's main search tool for books, articles, and more. Use this tool to find both print and e-books available at UMSL. *Note: For non-English materials, it is helpful to use search terms in your target language (e.g., historia vs. history).

Text: Guide to Discover@UMSL. Next to yellow mouse icon and above red and yellow search bar.


Option 1: Keyword Search

  1. Type in your search terms
  2. Click "Search"
  3. Under "Limit By Source Type" (on the left side of the screen), select Books or eBooks (you can select both). Some eBooks may show up in the Books category due to the way they are catalogued.
  4. For Spanish language materials: select Spanish; Castilian under "Languages"

Option 2: Title or Author Search

  1. Type the title or author's name into the search bar
  2. Select either "Title" or "Author" from the drop-down menu to the right of the search bar
  3. Click "Search"
  4. Under "Limit By Source Type" (on the left side of the screen), select Books or eBooks (you can select both). Some eBooks may show up in the Books category due to the way they are catalogued.
  5. For Spanish language materials: select Spanish; Castilian under "Languages"

Option 3Advanced Search

  1. Select the Advanced Search option (underneath the Search Bar)
  2. Use the search bar(s) to type in your terms
  3. In the Select a Field drop-down menus, select what type of search you would like to run.
    • Useful options for book searches include Title, Author, Subject Terms, or ISBN
  4. For Spanish language materials: select Spanish; Castilian under "Language"
  5. Adjust other limiters if needed
  6. Click "Search"


A consortium of academic, research, and public libraries that work together to share materials. It is free for you to request MOBIUS books! They will be sent to the Thomas Jefferson Library front desk for pickup.

  1. Type in your search terms
  2. Click the gray right-facing arrow
  3. Search results will already contain mostly books. To limit further, use the Format limiter on the left side of the screen and select Book/Journal or eBooks

Note: You can only request books that other libraries in MOBIUS have in print.

Finding a Book on the Shelf

Finding a Book Using the Online Record


Print books are organized using the Library of Congress system.  For example:

Miguel Delibes, homenaje academico y literario / Maria Pilar Celma (ed.). Location: UMSL TJL General Collection Level 4. Call No.: PQ6607.E45 Z75 2003. Status: Available.


  • Location tells us the book is on Level 4 (the main floor is Level 3).
  • Call # helps us find the book on the shelf.  Books are first organized alphabetically, so look for the section with books labelled PQ (between PP and PR).  Then, use the following numbers and letters to search numerically and alphabetically for the right book.  The book may or may not have a publication year at the end.
  • Status tells us the book is currently available for checkout.

Other books nearby on the shelf will also be about the same or similar topics!  Use this information to browse for books you may not have found in the online catalog.

Can't find it on the shelf?  Check with the front desk!

Browsing the Stacks


As mentioned above, our library is organized using the Library of Congress classification system. Books about similar topics are grouped together. We recommend using the Discover@UMSL search if you are looking for a specific topic.

If you would still like to browse sections on Spanish history, language, etc., you can find most of these books on Level 1 or Level 4 of TJ Library.

Library of Congress Classification: World History and History of Europe, Asia, Africa, Australia, New Zealand, Etc.

D - History (General)

  • DP: Spain - Portugal
    • DP1 - 402: History of Spain
      • DP91 - 272.4: By period
        • DP161 - 272.4: Modern Spain
          • DP233 - 272.4: 20th century


Library of Congress Classification: History of the Americas

  • F1201 - 3799: Latin America. Spanish America
    • F1201 - 1392: Mexico
    • F1401-1419 Latin America (General)
    • F1421-1440: Central America
    • F2201-3799: South America


Library of Congress Classification: Language and Literature

P: Language and Literature

  • PC4001 - 4977: Spanish language
  • PQ6001 - 8929: Spanish literature
    • PQ6001 - 6168: History and criticism
    • PQ6170 - 6269: Collections
    • PQ6271 - 6478: Individual authors and works to 1700​​​​​​​​​​​​​​
    • PQ6500 - 6576: Individual authors, 1700 - ca. 1868
    • PQ6600 - 6647: Individual authors, 1868 - 1960
    • PQ6650 - 6676: Individual authors, 1961 - 2000
    • PQ6700 - 6726: Individual authors, 2001 onward
    • PQ7000 - 8929: Provincial, local, colonial, etc.
      • PQ7081 - 8560​​​​​​​Spanish America