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French Studies

An introduction to UMSL Libraries resources related to French studies.

French Studies


This guide offers an introduction to French Studies resources at UMSL Libraries. It is intended as a starting point for your research, rather than a comprehensive guide to all library materials. Undergraduate and new graduate students may find this guide particularly useful.

Navigate using the left-side tabs. You will find help with:

  • Introductory resources and background information
  • Resources for French language learners
  • Research strategies for locating books and articles in French and English, including database links
  • French news
  • Citation guidance

You are invited to contact the library at any time with questions about searching for / accessing resources!

Quick Resources


For language reference, see the French Language Learning page.

Getting Started

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Modern France: A Very Short Introduction

Vanessa Schwartz argues that modern France, as both a world stage and a global crossroads, is an essential actor in the development of contemporary culture.

The Cambridge Introduction to French Literature

An overview of French literature - its themes and forms, traditions and transformations - from the Middle Ages to the present.

A Concise History of France

A clear and well-informed guide to French history from the emergence of a strong state in the Ile-de-France in the early middle ages, to the trente glorieuses following the Second World War and the Mitterrand presidency.

Contemporary France

An essential introduction for students of French politics and society, exploring contemporary developments while placing them in a deeper historical, intellectual, cultural and social context that makes for insightful analysis. Summaries of key political, economic and social movements and events are displayed as exhibits.

French St. Louis

The essays in this collection contextualize St. Louis, exploring French-Native relations, the agency of empire in the Illinois Country, the role of women in "mapping" the French colonial world, fashion and identity, and commodities and exchange in St. Louis as part of a broader politics of consumption in colonial America.

Encyclopedia of Contemporary French Culture

A survey of French culture post 1945. Entries range from short factual/biographical pieces to longer overview articles.

The French Republic

Explores the history and meaning of the French Republic and the challenges it has faced.