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Art Education (K-12)

This research guide provides information and resources for learning more about art education through grades K-12.

Finding Articles

The best way to find articles would be to use the Discover@UMSL search tool, which can be found on the library's homepage. Discover brings up many different results from all of our various databases, but not everything. If you would like search on a more specific topic, consider searching directly in one of our subject-specific databases.


Break down your search into concepts. Develop a list of synonyms.

EXAMPLE: "art education" AND kindergarten 

Other terms for kindergarten could be "primary school" or "elementary school."
Combining different terms gives you different terms.


Clearly define your search statement. Trouble spots to look out for:

Too Broad - EXAMPLE: children

  • Solution: Add another concept to your topic which will narrow your search and make it more focused.
    EXAMPLE: children AND art

Too Narrow - EXAMPLE: children AND art AND painting

[NOTE: To search a phrase use quotes]

  • Solution: Remove one secondary concept from your search string.
    EXAMPLE: children AND art AND painting

Keyword & Subject Suggestions

  • Art Education
    • Art educator
    • Art teacher 
    • Music education
    • Dance education
    • Painting education
  • Kindergarten
    • Elementary school
    • Primary school
    • Children
    • Grade school
    • K-5

Suggested Journals